Zoom Quick Start Guide

1 - Download Zoom

You can download the Zoom app from the https://zoom.us/download website, or on the Google Play/Apple App Store depending on your device. If you plan on using Zoom on your desktop or laptop computer, be sure to download the Zoom Client for Meetings (the first option from the top) from the link provided above.

Once downloaded, open the file on your desktop/laptop to install Zoom and accept the Windows or macOS security prompts if asked. Zoom should automatically install upon downloading on a phone or tablet device, and appear with your apps when complete.

If you are using a Chromebook or ChromeOS-based computer, you can either download Zoom on the ChromeOS store or use the Android version on the Google Play Store. Note that if you download Zoom on the ChromeOS store, this version of Zoom offers limited functionality compared to the Android version on the Google Play Store.

2 - Create your free Zoom Account

Once Zoom is downloaded, you can join hosted meetings without creating an account, but we highly recommend that you create an account to have access to the latest features and/or if you want to host meetings yourself.

  1. Visit https://zoom.us/signup on your internet browser. You may be asked to provide a date of birth to confirm you are not considered a minor (minimum age to use Zoom is 16 years of age).

  2. Next, provide the email of choice that you wish to use for Zoom (disregard that it asks for a work email). Click Sign Up and follow the prompts. Zoom will send a confirmation email to your email address used.

  3. Open the email to confirm your account, and you should be redirected to a new webpage to enter your given name and password of choice.

  4. Upon clicking Continue, you may be asked to Invite Colleagues. You can skip this step and continue to My Account, where your Web Portal profile and account settings can be accessed.

You may also sign in with a Google or Facebook account if desired. We recommend using a Google account if you choose this method for personal privacy reasons. More information on using a Google account is covered in Creating an Account Using Google.

You can also sign up for a new account from the app itself. Simply select the Sign Up or Create Account option on your Zoom app's start up screen, follow the on screen instructions, and skip to Step 3 above to confirm your account.

3 - Log in to the Zoom App using your new account.

Once you have created an account, you can now log in to your app using your credentials. This will give you access to the New Meeting and Join Meeting features, as well as Contacts, Schedule, Chat, and Settings. More information regarding Zoom's general features can be found in General Functions (for iOS/Android) and General Functions (for Windows/Mac).