Determining Your Internet Speed

Online video meetings can be very taxing to your internet connection, especially if you are subscribed to a minimal internet plan with your Internet Service Provider (or ISP). A video meeting uses around 600 kbps (or kilobits/sec, the unit for measuring data transfer speeds) on the lower end of the spectrum, and upwards to 1.8-2 Mbps (or Megabits/sec, 1000 kilobits = 1 Megabit) when broadcasting with HD video and stereo sound.

Your internet plan should be able to provide these numbers on both Upload and Download speeds, and many common internet plans will advertise Download speeds between 25-300 Mbps. This is more than enough to receive HD quality video. However to ensure you can broadcast high quality video and sound, your Upload speed must also fit the minimum requirement of 600+ kbps, and some internet plans may fall short on this category.

Once on the Speedtest website or app, simply press Go.

You can find this information by either contacting your ISP and confirming the Upload and Download speeds of your plan, or by visiting:

and running a simple, one-click test to determine your average speed in both categories (as shown below).

Your Ping (internet response time) and Upload/Download speeds will be displayed after the test.
Speedtest is a free-to-use public service by Ookla, and is not affiliated with Tauber Music School in any way.