Creating an Account Using Google

To host a meeting through Zoom, a Zoom account is required. Participants do not necessarily require a Zoom account, but it order to access many helpful features and settings within the app, it is highly recommended to create your own account. In this article, we will cover one of the easiest ways to create and access a Zoom account.

Using a Google Account

Many of you may have a Google Account and be unaware of it. If you use a Gmail email address or use the Google Drive cloud storage service, you already have a Google Account. When opening the Zoom app or Zoom website on your computer or mobile device, simply tap/click the Sign In option to be brought to one of screens shown below.

When signing in with a Google Account, simply tap/click the Google option. You may be notified that "Zoom wants to use to Sign In" depending on the device. If so, select the continue option.

You then should be redirected to a Sign in with Google webpage, where you can manually sign-in, select one of your existing Google Accounts from the list, or choose to Use Another Account. Which ever option you select, log in to that account with your password.

If you have never signed in to your Google Account or Gmail on the device you are using for Zoom, you may be asked to verify your identity. This may be done the following ways:

  • Using your phone's camera to scan a provided QR code

  • Sending an authentication email to your Google Account's recovery address, which is a back up email address you have linked to your current Gmail

  • Answering your Security Question (the same questions used to recover or reset your Gmail password)

  • Entering an Authentication code that is sent to another device that your account is logged into, such as an Android tablet.

Once you have accomplished the above, you may now sign into the Zoom app on any device using your Google Account (the same Gmail and Password) as they are now linked.