Fixing Audio Issues using Original Sound

Depending on the device used for Zoom, you may experience strange audio issues in your first meeting, such as instrument sounds suddenly cutting out at lower volumes, or strange space-age distortions. The recent versions of Zoom have implemented software-level sound processing across all devices to help with maintaining clarity in verbal recording and communication. This includes echo cancellation, and noise reducing filters for persistent and intermittent sounds outside of speech (such as noisy HVAC fans, or sirens outdoors). These features are great for conversations, but can interfere with recording instrument sounds. Within Zoom, you disable these noise reducing processes by enabling a feature known as Original Sound.

Finding the Original Sound Feature on your Web Portal

The best way to access and set this feature is by logging into your Zoom profile on the website. Once you log on to your account, you will be brought to your online profile screen, where you can access your account settings on the right menu column as shown below.

Click Settings to open its sub-menu and click In Meeting (Advanced). It should redirect you further down to Zoom's advanced settings, and if you continue to scroll down, you should be able to find Allow users to select original sound in their client settings. Turn this setting on.

Once this is enabled, you should be able to turn on the Original Sound option on-the-fly within a meeting. On the Windows/Mac desktop version of the app, this appears as a Turn on Original Sound option in the top left corner of your current meeting window. On mobile versions of the app, you can find this when selecting the More icon on the bottom of your screen while attending a meeting.

Enabling Original Sound within the App (Windows/Mac version)

If the method above does not work, you can also enable Original Sound within the Zoom App itself. Open the Zoom app on your Windows/Mac device and click the Settings icon (the gray gear) on the top right corner of your Zoom window. Once you are in the settings window, select Audio on the left menu column as shown below.

If you use a Guest Account (such as joining a meeting from an email link without logging in), you can access the same Audio Settings in your active meeting by clicking the ^ arrow beside the microphone icon (in the bottom left corner of your screen). Please note that these settings won't save across multiple devices since you are using a guest account.

On the bottom right corner, there is an Advanced icon. Click that to access the advanced audio settings.

Within this window, you will see the option Show in-meeting option to "Enable Original Sound" from microphone". Check the checkbox to enable this setting. While you are here, you may also choose to manually disable some of the noise filtering processes. For music lesson purposes, it is highly recommended that you disable the Suppress Intermittent Background Noise feature, especially for lessons that involve very dynamic instruments, such as the piano, guitar, or violin.

Enabling Original Sound within the App (iOS/Android)

To enable original sound on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, first log in to Zoom on that device, then navigate to the Settings screen along the bottom navigation bar. Select Meeting Settings to bring up many options and continue to scroll the screen down until your find Use Original Sound.

Ensure that this setting is set to the ON position. Tap the < arrow on the top left to return to the settings menu. Once you have enabled this setting, you will now be able to turn on Original Sound during an active meeting.

To turn on Original Sound during a meeting, start or join a meeting and follow all the usual processes such as turning on your video and connecting to internet audio.

Once you are in your meeting, tap the screen once to bring up the menu bar along the bottom and tap the More icon on the bottom right (represented by 3 dots).

You should now see some options appear, and among them is Enable Original Sound. Tap this button to enable the feature. If you wish to disable it, tap the More icon again and you'll notice that the button will now say Disable Original Sound.

Please note that as of the current version (Version 5.0), you will have to enable Original Sound each time when creating or joining a new meeting.