USB OTG is a hardware specification (and in a consumer context, a feature) that allows a mobile device to act as a host to other USB devices. This allows a USB OTG-capable smartphone or tablet to function like a traditional computer.

Most modern Android devices are capable of USB OTG out of the box, but some lower end smartphones and tablets may not be capable of USB OTG. In most cases, a simple search online can provide enough information if your mobile device is capable of USB OTG.

With a USB OTG-capable device, you will be able to connect various USB devices to your smartphone or tablet, just as you would with a desktop or laptop computer. These devices can include:

  • USB flash drives

  • USB portable hard drives

  • Input devices like a mouse or keyboard

  • Webcams

  • USB microphones

  • USB audio and recording interfaces

General compatibility will vary depending on the devices and apps used. For example, the Android version of Zoom was once capable of using external webcams through USB OTG, but this feature was temporarily disabled at the time of writing this article. You can search online if your device is compatible with USB OTG connections, or contact Tauber Music online support for further consultation.

A Blue Yeti Microphone connected to an Android smartphone using USB OTG. (image source: