Joining a Meeting

Joining a meeting can be done in three ways. Teachers may have their own preferences as to which of the three methods they will use, and this should be determined before your first lesson.

1 - Meeting ID Method

This is most straightforward method that does not require any additional preparation. Navigate to your Zoom home or Meet & Chat screen and click/tap Join. The follow windows that appears depends on your device used.

Enter the 9-11 digit Meeting ID or Personal Meeting ID and when asked, also provide the Password to join. Passwords may be the default 6-digit format (may be randomized, with or without letters), or a custom password set by your teacher. If you are put in a Waiting Room, wait for the meeting host to admit you in.

2 - Direct Call through Contacts

Zoom users who use Contacts have the option of directly calling students through their contact list. If you are expecting your teacher to call you through this method, you will receive a notification on your device that you are being invited to a meeting. On a Windows/Mac computer, a window will appear asking you to join. On a mobile device (like a smartphone or tablet), a video call notification similar to FaceTime will appear. Simply accept the call, and enter a provided password if required.

A Direct Call notification (Windows 10)

3 - Emailed Meeting Link or Meeting URL

You may receive a Meeting Link/URL (looks like a long web address) by email. An example of what this looks like is as follows:

Join Zoom Meeting

Normally, the Meeting ID and Password mentioned in Method 1 are also included in the email. Simply click the Meeting Link, and if required, enter the provided password.